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Asset Management

Service Desk

Field Service Automation

Asset Management

You can set up the system to assign any kind of asset to categories or even subcategories. Each particular item can also be assigned a customized condition or status such as preventive maintenance, warranty, etc. It's also possible to create custom maintenance schedules for individual items or a group of items to enable the system to track compliance with service level agreements and schedules.

Service Desk

Create events that will be registered for items. Any event can trigger an automated process based on custom workflows. For example, if someone in Building A registers a problem with the projector in Room 6, the system will automatically send a work order to the tech support team responsible for fixing it. Opening the ticket is very simple: any user with the mobile app scans the QR code and registers the event using the applicable form.

Field Service

Work orders or notifications can be automatically or manually dispatched to the people responsible for the specific situation. Work orders will show all the information required for the job, and will also include any kind of form that has to be filled in in the field. Field workers can be tracked using our user tracking panel. Work orders can be settled to be available only after the field worker is geolocated at the place where the work needs to be performed. The system will keep track of the time spent on every assignment. The work order is 100% digital and can include any kind of information required.

The right features

Our platform offers a native geospatial and mobile experience. Forget about taking pictures, filling in paper forms, searching for Excel spreadsheets or managing your team via Whatsapp!


Access any asset information remotely by simply scanning a QR code or listing the items around you via GPS.


Manage any item conditions, such as warranty period, preventive maintenance, availability, etc.


Work with different operations using the same control panel. All your operational needs in one single platform.


With our syncing feature, any change in real life can be reflected immediately on the platform, on the go. Work both online and offline with the same performance.

Fully Customizable

Our architecture allows users to design their own process by defining every single layer of the system. Our amazing user experience and clean interface make it easy to set up and build your own workflows in minutes.


Get an overview of any operation in the field in real time with full geospatial capabilities.

Work Orders

Have mobile work orders automatically dispatched on the basis of custom workflows designed for any need.


Plug your ERP or any other software into our solution. If we don't have a native integration, it can be done through APIs.

Virtual Time Track

The system can track check-ins and check-outs for field workers, giving you full control over the performance of a field team, including the time of arrival at each scheduled work site and the time spent on any assignment.


Access a full range of information reports via our customizable analytics dashboards.

Field Workers

Track the location of your field workers and the completion of issued work orders in real time.

Custom Workflow

Create your own workflows based on any kind of event that can be registered for an item.

The Company

Inventsys is an award-winning software-as-a-service provider based in Lenzburg, Switzerland. In 2015 our solution, designed to enable the digitalization of governments, authorities, and municipal utilities, was voted by IBM Global as one of the best solutions for smart cities in the world. We can also help digitalize the business of other verticals including facility management, utility management, security, trade marketing, and outdoor media, and any other operation that requires the geolocated real-time management of assets or field workers.

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Our portfolio spans different industries. Here are some of our clients:

Gemeinde Kilchberg (Smart City)

Gemeinde Kilchberg

Ara Langmatt (Utilities)

Ara Langmatt

AGE SA (Utilities)


SWL Energie AG (Utilities)

SWL Energie AG

OSESP Serviços (Facilities)

OSESP Serviços

Sinergy (Out-of-home Media)


Italínea (Furniture Retail)


DGT (Infrastructure)


Quero Diesel (Fuel Retail)

Quero Diesel

SBCTrans (Transportation)


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Our Team

Mário Verdi Founder & CEO

Henrique Haas Founder & CTO

Martin Morawetz Founder and CEO of Inventsys Schweiz

Gian von Planta Board Member

Sandro Marquardt Maintenance Engineer

Patrick Steiger Maintenance Engineer

Maurice Erb Projectmanager & Senior Developer

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